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Getting a fluttering feeling in your chest might happen every once in a while due to high emotions or too much caffeine consumption. If it happens frequently or feels severe, visit Annette Osher, MD, at her office on the Upper East Side of Manhattan for a comprehensive cardiac evaluation. Even though your palpitations might be harmless, an evaluation can put your mind at ease. To find out more about palpitations, call Dr. Osher’s New York City office or book an appointment online today.

Palpitations Q & A

What are palpitations?

If you ever feel like your heart flutters or intermittently beats extra hard or extra fast, you might have heart palpitations. Although many different lifestyle factors and a few medical conditions can cause palpitations, they’re often harmless and not indicative of anything serious. Still, Dr. Osher can assess you by performing a cardiac evaluation to make sure your heart is healthy.

You might feel palpitations in places other than your chest. They’re often discernible in your throat or neck near major arteries and glands. Still, they originate in your heart. 

What causes palpitations?

Palpitations can come from many different causes, most of which are associated with lifestyle factors, habits, and emotions. They commonly stem from:

  • Stress
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Fever
  • Hormone fluctuations
  • Exercise
  • Stimulant drugs and medications

Medical conditions that can cause palpitations are far less common. If you’re concerned about your palpitations, Dr. Osher might test you for arrhythmias or hyperthyroidism, which can both lead to a fluttering or irregular heartbeat. Without treatment, conditions such as these can lead to complications like cardiac arrest, stroke, and heart failure. 

When should I book an appointment for palpitations?

Heart palpitations don’t always call for an evaluation from a doctor. Dr. Osher recommends booking an appointment for a possible cardiac evaluation if your heart palpitations come with other signs and symptoms indicating a heart problem, including:

  • Chest pain
  • Lightheadedness or fainting
  • Trouble breathing
  • Dizziness

Dr. Osher asks about the onset of your symptoms and their severity. If her evaluation finds an underlying medical condition in need of care, she details the next steps in your treatment. 

How are palpitations treated?

If you have palpitations with no medical condition causing them, you may not need treatment at all. Lifestyle adjustments like stress management and reducing your caffeine consumption can help reduce them if they’re frequent. Dr. Osher can work with you to identify your causes and triggers and plan ways to avoid them in your daily life. 

If your heart palpitations come from another condition, treating the condition will reduce or alleviate them. It will also alleviate any associated symptoms, like chest pain, breathing problems, and other complications. Dr. Osher works with you throughout your treatment and may perform additional tests to monitor your progress.

If you experience frequent heart palpitations with or without other symptoms, don’t hesitate to call Annette Osher, MD, at her New York City office or book an evaluation online today.